Steel Bar arrives to Mexico

Japanese producer Steel Bar, the international manufacturer house of steel axle and bars Ogiso Kogyo Co, is arriving into the American continent to establish its industrial plant in San Luis Potosi, at the industrial park Tres Naciones 205. Ogiso Kogyo is arriving to San Luis Potosi through the Mexican Company Steel Bar, directed by the President of the Mexico Plant, Hidehisa Hiraiwa; counting with Oswaldo Adame as the plant Manager, Aldo Echavarria in the administrative control and Abdiel Segura Murayama as the production chief. The plant has a 2,800 square meters construction, with prospects to reach 4,200 square meters in two years, with six members of operational staff and the production chief, all with the objective of duplicating the initial production totals. Raw materials and equipment are going to be shipped from Japan, that is, 80% of the Company's suppliers are foreign, 10% are national and 10% are local, primarily those who supply maintenance services for the plant.

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