Asia exports accelerating

Mexico skyrocketed its product exports to Asia after Trump's victory, making this a primary indicator of where companies might aim to diversify foreign sales. Mexico increased its Asia exports by 36.8% during November, as it is the most dynamic destination of this indicator among the five continents.

Europe: opportunity for Mexico

The possibility of having the new U.S. Government renegotiating or exiting the NAFTA, has set off the alarms in Mexico, while the European Union is looking to establish a deeper commercial relation.

India offers alliance to Mexico

India is looking to become Mexico's ally in the textile and apparel sector. Muktesh Pardeshi, India's ambassador in Mexico, explains that, regardless of the Government change in the U.S., they want to increase their relation with Mexico.

Mexico and Korea want a FTA in 2017

Negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement between Mexico and South Korea will start next year, said Chun Beeho, Ambassador from this Asian Country. The process will depend on factors such as the situation of the Transpacific Partnership (TPP) agreement, it is certain that this is the type of treaty the parties are looking for. If it is approved, Korea could request to join the agreement and thus gain access to special customs fees.

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