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Agri-food exports to Japan grew 5.9%

Agri-food exports to Japan recorded growth rates of 5.99% during the third trimester of 2016, indicated the Mexican Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA). This percentage represents US$778 million.

Mexico looking for diversification with Latin America, Europe and Asia

Chancellor Luis Videgaray affirmed that Mexico has started the works to intensify its presence, relations and commercial agreements with Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. He explained that, as part of the strategy of the Mexican government in the face of the commercial situation with the U.S., Mexico's presence in Latin America has been intensified, especially in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

Ford still considering Mexico for long-term plans

To Ford, Mexico represents an important component for long-term plans, which is why the Company is reflecting on the new conditions of the commercial relation with the U.S., to design consequently the adequate and viable strategies to adapt rapidly, affirmed Marcos Perez, Ford's Director of Product Development and Mobility.

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