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Slim brings the Chinese auto company JAC to Mexico

Carlos Slim is bringing JAC automotive corporation into Mexico. Giant Motors will start manufacturing vehicles from this Chinese firm at its new plant in Sahagun, Hidalgo. A US$220 million investment will go towards installing the new facilities.

DICEX Wins National Export Prize 2016

Mexican firm DICEX received the highest award to foreign commerce in Mexico. This award is granted to different companies, institutions and organizations operating in Mexico which contribute to increase and diversify Mexican foreign sales of merchandise and services.

Nemak, with a new strategy toward 2025

Nemak will re-orient its growth strategy for 2025, said Armando Tamez Martinez, General Director of the Company. This is due to changes in the automotive industry dynamics worldwide, a greater demand for hybrid and electric vehicles, while reducing their weight.

Indian entrepreneurs 'rolling' into Mexico

Hero MotoCorp, the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world, based in New Delhi, India, is soon to inaugurate a plant in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to produce and ship out to all of Latin America, and primarily to Mexico,

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