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Businessmen will increase investment in Mexico

Foreign entrepreneurs have decided not only to maintain, but also expand their investment. Jane Fraser, Executive President of Citigroup Corporation, Latin America, considers that Mexico is their second most important market, which is why the investment in Mexico will continue.

Mexican company looking to launch a satellite in 2017

Mexican corporation Datiotec Aeroespacial is looking to launch its first small suborbital satellite by 2017, to provide services for universities, research centers and companies. Pedro Gabay, Director of Datiotec, informed that they are in the static engine test phase, to know if it meets the necessary requirements.

Mexico, destination for most of the Japanese investment

Japan's Ambassador in Mexico, Akira Yamada, underscored that these countries' bilateral relations are excellent, dynamic and with historic outreach. The diplomat also added that Mexico is the country that receives the most Japanese investment.

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