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Friday 19 December 2014


Companies increase investments in Mexico

Mexico City,- Companies’ investment in Mexico posted a 4,8% year-to-year increase last August the Mexican Statistics Agency, INEGI, informed last Wednesday.

In season-adjusted figures, Gross Fixed Investment went up 1.36%

Economic units directory to be prepared

According to the Law for Mexican Statistics System, Ley del Sistema Nacional de Información Estadística y Geográfica (LSNIEG), the Executive Committee for Economic Information Subsystem was formed in Mexico City; said Committee will be chaired by Mario Rodarte Esquivel, Vice-president of the Governing Board of the Mexican Statistics Agency, INEGI.

Representatives from Mexico’s Central Bank, Banco de Mexico and the Ministries of the Treasury, Economy, Energy and Tourism, as well as INEGI officers will all participate in this Subsystem Committee.

In the Committee’s first meeting, Enrique Ordaz Lopez, Executive Secretary said there will be information infrastructure available, with a Geo-statistics framework and a National Directory of Economic Units.

He further said that the Directory and its economic classifications will be used in the organization of administrative records, to obtain information of national interest. Also several indicators will be generated regarding National Accounts System, Science and Technology, Financial Information and Prices and Labor.
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