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Thursday 18 December 2014

40 auto parts factories to be installed in Mexico

Mexico City.- The establishment of three new automotive plants in Mexico: Honda, Mazda and Nissan, will encourage auto parts production in 2013.
The Mexican Auto Parts Industry Association, Industria Nacional de Autopartes (INA), is forecasting that by 2013, when the three new automotive plants start operating, auto parts production will growth between 15% and 20%, to reach US$83 billion in production value.
In an interview, Oscar Albin, INA’s Chairman, said that in order to meet the demand for automotive components to be required by the new assemblers, this year 40 auto parts factories will be installed in Mexico.
INA would not detail which companies will invest in auto parts sector, but did say that most are companies with transnational operations, such as Getrag, Magna and Steyer.
“The installation of 40 new plants is planned for this year, some of them are expansions of existing facilities, but all of them are of worldwide renowned Tier 1 suppliers, which will establish throughout the country”, Albin pointed-out.


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